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Wonderful moments with the children of Ansares Center in Guatemala.

“Choose Peace and Set Yourself Free!” – with Mabel Katz · March 2018

“Be at peace no matter what is going around” · Ho’oponopono Seminar in Israel · March 2017

Happiness is the key to success · Peace Ambassador Mabel Katz in India, 2016

Would you like to bring more Peace into your life? · Mabel Katz in India 2016

Ho’oponopono: Mabel Katz takes her “Peace Within IS World Peace” Initiative to the United Nations

A Journey to the Beginning of the Endless

Press Conference about Ho’oponopono, The easiest way to Live, in Veracruz

Mabel Katz – Images from the New Seminar for Children

Ho’oponopono and the Bible in a men’s prison in Argentina, with Mabel Katz.

Ho’oponopono with Mabel Katz in a men’s prison in Argentina.

Educating for Peace Teleclass by Mabel Katz

Peace within IS world peace

Mabel Katz Continues Her World Travels for Peace

Mabel Katz at the University Albert Einstein – México

“World Alliance of Religions” Peace Summit

Mabel Katz at the Argentine National Congress

Mabel Katz en Programa de radio La Reintegración, el Camino hacia la Paz

Mabel Katz presents Zero Frequency® to José Hernández High School Students.

Mabel Katz is interviewed by José Hernandez High School Students

Third World Congress of Hispanic-American Poetry, CUPHI III

Mabel is presented with the prestigious 2012 Mil Milenious de Paz Peace Flag  

Ho’oponopono – Peace & Women

How to bring more Peace in the World. Dr. Pat Allen is interviewed by Mabel Katz

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  1. liliana says:

    Hola algunos videos no los puedo escuchar pues estan ingles fui marcando los que si puedo escuchar y los ire viendo tranquila, yo ya estoy suscripta , y la sigo por todos lados youtube y face.-Necesito tener mas conocimiento profundo y esta sera la forma estoy seguro igual sigo confiando y soltando, se que me falta mas, pero llegare a mi paso llegare GRACIAS GRACIAS GRACIAS a Mabel y su equipo.-Liliana desde Argentina.-

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