MABEL KATZ starts 2018 receiving acknowledgements in the United States, Mexico and Colombia, for her tireless work towards World Peace. – USA, 2018. NEW

Mabel Katz – The world traveller peace ambassador, Hungary – 2017.

Mabel Katz, returns home to los Angeles after a successful tour through South America – USA, 2017.

His Holiness welcomed the Peace Ambassador Mabel Katz – ITALY, 2017.

How To Help Our Children Discover Who They Are – USA, 2017.

Conclave for peace ends – INDIA, 2016.


Conclave for peace ends – INDIA, 2016.


3-day peace conference in Nashik – INDIA, 2016.


3-day World Peace Conference in Nashik from tomorrow – INDIA, 2016.

Mabel Katz: Speaks at India’s 19th Annual World Peace Congress
 – USA, 2016.

mkFirst time ever. Author, speaker, seminar leader Mabel Katz to present in Japan
 – USA, 2016.  

FASHION CONSCIOUSNESS Magazine, Authenticity Issue, White Edition – USA, 2016.  

Press Release:
Dame Mabel Katz Continues Her world Travels for Peace – January 27, 2015 

Press Release:
Dame Mabel Katz Receives Public Peace Prize. – January 26, 2015 

Press Release:
Peace Ambassador and Leading Proponent of Ho’oponopono (The Easiest Way) Returns from Extensive Travels in Her World Peace Campaign. – September 15, 2014 

Press Release: Dame Mabel Katz: On A Mission for Peace, Empowering Children, and Encouraging Accountable Adults –
April 17, 2014

In SpanishTodo un éxito “Día Internacional de la Mujer 2014” en el Auditorio Nacional – March 7, Mexico, 2014

Press Release: Mabel Katz Receives Knighthood
Author, speaker and transformational seminar leader Mabel Katz has been recognized for her humanitarian efforts.
 Frebruary 18, 2013

Press Release: Peace within IS world peace. –  September, 2012

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