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We support Keep Calm campaign. Let's raise the hope, happiness and peace to the people threatened today with widely mass negative thoughts attacks everywhere.

Let’s work together to break free from the slavery of our beliefs, opinions and judgments. Just copy and paste the codes below and put it on your websites, get others to do the same so we can create a PEACE & LOVE Pandemic together.
Remember, Peace can heal anything!

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Let the Flor de Lis symbol remind you

to clean and release negative programming.



During my trips to Israel, I kept seeing this sign of the flor-de-lis on top of the foam in the cappuccinos. It left an impression but I thought little of it until my very last trip, when it came very clearly. I got the goose bumps and I asked; “Is this a cleaning tool?” Then the goose bumps came even stronger. I had many of these rushes coming and going through my body, as I also asked if it was ok to share it with people. More cold rushes! It is not very common for me to have these sensations (remember, I am Argentinean, Jewish, accountant and Virgo), all of which keep me in battle with my intellect but, in this case, I was sure the Universe was trying to tell me something!

I didn’t have any doubt in my heart it was a cleaning tool, but I decided to check and confirm it with Dr. Ihaleakala, as I wanted to be sure. At other times I have gotten my own cleaning tools through inspiration for my personal use, but I knew this one was a different and special one. When I asked Ihaleakala, this was his response:

Flor-de-Lis is a cleansing process that releases memories of bloodshed of constant warfare and slavery to ideas, places, situations and beliefs that result in constant warfare. The way to use it “I put the Flor-de-Lis on the situation.” —POI, Ihhl

Later on that same day, he sent me another e-mail saying: “Our minds are stuck in constant warfare with ourselves!” Yes, think about it, the worst wars are the ones inside our heads. Our thoughts, beliefs, opinions and judgments, are our worst enemies. Everything we see is through our own perceptions, what we decided to believe was right or wrong. If you are ok, everybody will be ok. Peace starts with you. Please don’t let the intellect convince you that it is easier to suffer and worry than to repeat mentally “I put the Flor-de-lis on the situation”


Flor de Lis is the symbol of the new times, of the new era, of what is being born and beginning to take place in our beloved planet.

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